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Practical Molecular Biology


   Random primer labeling of polyA+RNA.

   The densities of liquids.
   Salt solutions (part one).
   Salt solutions (part two).
   Single component solution.
   Media, vitamins etc.
   Compound solutions


   Sequence Utilities.
   6 Frame Translation.
   Search of rare codons in nucleotide sequence.

   Spectrophotometric measurement of nucleic acids concentration.
   Estimation of time for bacteria growth.

   Conversion: speed of rotation [krpm] - Relative Centrifuge Force [kg].
   Conversion: radioactivity - biological amount of dNTP's.
   Conversion: weight - moles (for proteins).
   Conversion: weight - moles (for nucleic acids).
   Conversion: DNA - protein.
   Conversion: molar quantity - molar concentration.
   Conversion: units of measurement.

Biological journals:

   Web-addresses of the main biological journals.
   Impact factors, A-B.
   Impact factors, -D.
   Impact factors, E-I.
   Impact factors, J.
   Impact factors, K-O.
   Impact factors, P-Z and russian journals.

"Practical Molecular Biology" 2000-2002

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